The Lamplights are a band you can’t help but love at first listen. Playing an organic blend of folk, funk, roots, and blues with pop undertones, this fresh, energetic five-piece from the Gold Coast are a uniquely Australian experience


The title and heart of The Lamplights second album.  Feature album on ABC Dig Radio. A journey, melodic discourse on love, life and the worlds concern for the individual as well as the individuals concern for the world.

  1.  Heading East
  2. Already here
  3. What love is
  4. You’ve got a friend
  5. The ballad if love and hate
  6. Lost in translation
  7. The tide
  8. Pockets
  9. Ticket
  10. The River
  11. I don’t mind

What Love is’ On-liner Notes and Lyrics
Also featuring Brett Fowler – Hammond/Rhodes/Clavinet/Piano, Craig Allister Young – Cello  and Calin Finney – Percussion


The Lamplights debut album featuring 2011 Australian folk/acoustic song of the year: Practice.

  1. Feel alright
  2. Practice
  3. Traveling song
  4. The little things
  5. May you never
  6. Told me once
  7. Home again
  8. Got to go
  9. Wallflower
  10. Papa Keeka
  11. Love vigilantes
  12. East Star

The Lamplights album Lyrics


Where it all began! Featuring Ryan and Ashley as the Lamplights duo and featuring some well known songs from the live show in their original iterations.


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