THE LAMPLIGHTS, A Band of Brothers

The Lamplights don’t just write great songs they deliver memorable, inspiring performances.

With a genuine love of writing and sharing music, The Lamplights deliver music that endears them to audiences up and down the East Coast. They pride themselves on leaving audiences feeling reassured, inspired, empowered and loved.  They don’t just play, they live the songs through their performances and audiences come back again and again.

Lead by one of Australia’s most enthralling and charismatic front men, Ryan Gittoes, The Lamplights play music with talent, integrity and honest intentions. Their chemistry on stage is tangible with world-class musicianship from Jason McGregor (current Australian Fingerpicking Guitar Champion), Scott French (guitar, slide guitar), Mattie Barker (bass, harmonica) and Mik Easterman (drums).



Ryan Gittoes is one of six children.  Growing up he was not the fast one, wasn’t great at drawing, nor was he particularly good at sports…but he could sing.

At 10 years of age he was in The Australian Schools Choir and sang at the Opera House in Sydney.  At 12 his father brought home an old keyboard that he had been given at work and he began to teach his children the only song he knew… Somewhere over the Rainbow.  His father was amazed when Ryan worked out how to play the song on his own while fighting with his brothers for whose turn it was.  Keyboard lessons quickly followed.

Ryan has been playing in venues since the age of 19 as a solo musician and it was not until the chance meeting at a market with Ashley Perrow in 2008 that things really started to shine.

Ryan Gittoes’ delivery, commitment to lyrical content, warm tone and enthusiasm for performing enable him to do more than just sing a song… he is an entertainer who holds an audience through a musical experience that few other acts can parallel. .



Jason began his musical life on the Atherton Tablelands at the age of 15 and spent many hours honing his craft on his parents’ dairy farm whilst gigging around North Queensland on the weekends. His desire to play full time brought him to Brisbane in 2002 where he studied music at QUT under the tuition of legends James Sherlock and Michael Fix.

Jason has played as a solo artist throughout Europe and Asia whilst also achieving the accolade of Australian National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion. Along with playing in The Lamplights, Jason performs, teaches and does session work around South East Queensland.  In 2012 he did an astonishing 280 shows and is looking to surpass that figure in 2013.  His solo renditions are often a feature of a Lamps show.  Jason’s harmonies are a feature of The Lamplights sound.

Jason plays Maton Guitars.



Mik is the percussive and production force of The Lamplights.  A stalwart of both the Sydney and Brisbane music scenes, Mik has played everywhere from small clubs to stadiums including playing alonside Nuno Bettencort and Suze DeMarchi.   His infectious grooves and right place at the right time musicality have made him an  in demand player in South East Qld. Jeff Martin (The Tea Party) recently called upon Mik to play down drums for the production of The Band of Dawn album.  Mik plays Sabian Cymbals



Mattie Barker emerged from the fertile Gold Coast- Northern Rivers creative music communities in 2006 and has been generating a ground swell of support locally since. Drawing his influences from a wide spectrum of styles and sounds; acoustic roots and blues, reggae chill, to Cat Stevens style folk, Mattie continues to deliver a heartfelt one-man-band style performance.  His bass playing is rocks solid and it’s a common sight to see Mattie playing a harmonica on stage whilst playing the bass at the same time.  He’s a talented man!

With a warmth that resonates out to his audiences, Mattie Barker plays music directly from the heart with sincere admiration for each and every soul.



  • Upcoming Dates

    July 20 2016
    Music on a Mission - Miami Marketta
    5pm DST

    October 28 2016
    The SoundLounge
    7pm DST

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